Six of my most anticipated games from E3 2013

Six of my most anticipated games from E3 2013 – In no particular order

1) Watchdogs:
Ok, so not strictly first announced at E3 2013 (instead being first revealed in E3 2012), this year has still whetted my appetite for this game. I mean, the level of control you look set to have over things via that little mobile device – It’s staggering.



2) Murdered: Soul Suspect
Think L.A. Noire, but with the twist that you’re a dead, ghost detective. I really enjoy puzzle, crime solving games, and with the added twists this game is going to have (such as possessing other detectives and walking through walls) its looking very interesting indeed. And SquareEnix is involved! – Whats not to want?!


3) Batman Arkham Origins

As a fan of both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, I was very excited when Origins was announced, although slightly dubious as to if WB: Monteal could pull off the brilliance of Rocksteady. However, all gameplay released so far has put to bed those worries; the game looks mighty impressive. I personally can’t wait to see how Batman reacts to his enemies in this early setting, especially considering the Joker is re-appearing! (Although unfortunately not with the amazing voice acting of Mark Hamill).


4) Star Wars: Battlefront 

Despite it being only a 30 second trailer which reveals NOTHING more than that the game is in development, the mere mention of this game is exciting enough. I mean, imagine it – Star Wars! On the Frostbite Engine!

5) Kingdom Hearts 3

It has been far too long since a Kingdom Hearts game was on a proper console. The first two games, which I played on the PS2, were truely fantastic games that meshed the seriousness coming from the creators of the Final Fantasy Series with the comical aspects of Disney. Despite the fact I was rubbish at the first two and haven’t played any of the ones released on handhelds (so probably won’t get the story), I am still VERY much looking forward to this game.

6) The Order: 1886

This one is still in the very early stages for me. The trailer is intriguing, I like the idea of this Steam punk-Esq world where the Knights are London’s protectors, hunting down evil-doers. Whether or not they pull it off is another matter entirely, so I’m going to wait until gamplay is released before passing more judgement on it. But from the opening trailer? Not a bad idea.

Other games which didn’t quite make this odd list of 6 but should still be looked for:
The Division, Thief and Ryse: Son of Rome.

My biggest let-down of E3? 

No Fallout 4 announcement!
The trailer for the new Mad Max game is horribly tantalising considering no one knew what the game was before the trailer ended and it was INCREDIBLY akin to Fallout, just with cars.

E3 News Flash! Star Wars Battlefront Announced!

For those who have not been keeping up with E3 (or are reading this without reading the title) STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!!!

Now, perhaps it’s an extreme over-reaction to a 31 second video in which we learn absolutely nothing we couldn’t already guess (That Hoth would feature, that the Empire would feature or that it would be set in the SW Universe).

Since Battlefront and Battlefront 2 (released in 2004 and 2005), the Battlefront series has been pushed into the handheld gaming market with Renegade Squadron (2007) and Elite Squadron (2009) and while they were very good handheld games (or at least Renegade was – I enjoyed it anyway), they didn’t bring the magic of the first two games.

I don’t mean to worry people, but this game IS in the hands of Electronic Arts. The infamous EA have got their hands on the rights to make a game people have been waiting almost a decade for. While EA may not have the best reputation, I live in hope that they get a sharp kick from someone every time they try and do something stupid. Last thing I want is them putting Jar Jar Binks in it. Although, I trust DICE, and the Frostbite 3 Engine to make a very very good game here. How could they go wrong? It’s a non-Kinect STAR WARS GAME.

This is something to be happy about. Finally, we (hopefully) get another decent Star Wars game!

Europa Universallis 3: England 1399 to 1589

Is it just me, or are games based on Alternative Histories just brilliant?

Let’s take Europa Universallis 3. In my current campaign, starting at 1395, its been about 155 years and England has used Colonialism to conquer most of the Northern and Western Africa as well as a chunk of Eastern South America. I also control parts of Northern France (Brittany and Calais). It’s funny the way things work out. The English Empire is growing larger than it ever actually did.
Here be England – you’ll see I’ve left Scotland alone to the North, but for political reasons I have also been forced to leave parts of Ireland unconquered. 

Unfortunately, Portugal beat me to most of the available areas on the coast of eastern North America, but using my place in South America, I’m going to try and take the area where Mexico would be and dominate the southern hemisphere. I don’t fancy a war with one of the largest nations in the world which has been a loyal ally for over a century and a half, so I’ll leave Portugal be as long as possible. In a couple more years, I should be able to integrate the Spanish Crown into my own and combine our Empires – makes me wish I hadn’t blocked Spanish expansion in the Americas.

Here are my few possessions in Continental Europe. Luckily, France isn’t too bothered about Brittany or its Western Coast. But by God they don’t half want Calais back.

So, what’s my diplomacy looking like you might ask? Well I am allied to Spain, Portugal and a couple smaller nations across Europe. France hates us, the African nations don’t trust us and most of Europe don’t care about us. Brittany keeps demanding the ‘return’ of Calais, even though four successive wars over it have failed. Scotland is proving to be something of an oddity. They quite like us, and we have a Royal Marriage, however they refuse to accept any closer diplomatic relations. The only way I will be able to form Great Britain is by taking them over through war, however they are allied to France and I think another nation in Europe – I’d rather not lose my foothold in France just yet, which would most likely happen if I started a war on two fronts.

As you can see, I also hold pretty much the entirety of the African West Coast. I also hold the tip of the South, and parts of Madagascar. I’m planning on using it as a jumping point between myself and Asia, but don’t tell them!

Financially and technologically we aren’t doing too well. Our tech is lacking behind the other leading European Nations by a few levels which could be important should we ever go to war. The English treasury isn’t exactly low, but it’s weak and could be considerably increased if I didn’t need to fund such a large empire for the time period. I think my lack of decent tech is the reason I’ve only been making minimal increases in Northern Europe – if we were equal, I have little doubt Burgundy would now be within my grasp.

I’m also a majority shareholder in South America. This means not only to I have the monopoly on slaves from Africa, but also tobacco, gold and sugar cane!

Next step troubles?
France and Burgandy – I have a feeling Calais is going to cause more strife in the later half of the 16th Century. I am also in a predicament in I don’t know if I should integrate Spain, or risk it and hope I eventually inherit the entire country. As it is, I am going to try and avoid war for as long as possible – I am technologically outmatched and as such I think its far more profitable for me to keep investing in a large colonial Empire. South-North America is under my control, Portuguese expansion is slowing and I hold more of South America and Africa than any other state.

And here is the jewel of my Empire. My very large North American colonies. Sure, they kick up a fuss every few decades, and wheat (their primary product) isn’t too useful, but it gives a huge base of operations in the West. Okay, it’s not that useful. I just want to make sure 1776 never happens. Pity Portugal got in there and snapped up the 13 colonies before I even knew what was happening.

Overall, I’d say the future looks bright for the English. And this is a bloody good game.

Post Script:
I should get around to actually reviewing this game soon. Its somewhere on the list anyway.