UK Ball takes USA Ball’s advice. Sort of.

Just in case you haven’t heard of CountryBall’s before, these are the personification of Countries (often based on stereotypes). The UKBall has a monocle and a top hat, USABall wears sunglasses, FranceBall sometimes smokes or drinks wine, AustraliaBall wears one of those hat things (forgive the ignorance please – kudos to anyone who knows what theya are actually called) ect ect. They really are quite funny, and the talented artists really do make them look fantastic.

Despite being an abysmal artist, I decided I’d have a go and make a cartoon myself.


And so ends my first attempt at one of the CountryBall things which have sprouted up over the last few months. Naturally, the UKBall is my favourite. Just look at the top hat!