So you want to know more about the elusive Consulting Gallifreyan do you?
Well Sit back, avid reader, and digest just what it is he does away from the computer by the words of myself, his loyal companion, Dr James Wilson.

Our friend, the Consulting Gallifreyan, is currently a final year Sixth Form Student hoping to study Law at university first year Law student at University (although he laments  that the longer he spends making a blog means the less time to actually work). A true Brit, he loves gently mocking people, pointing out flaws in things and eating Victoria Sponge cake.
An enthusiastic fan of most things which require a brain (So no, sports and he do not get on well – although I have heard he has a penchant for swimming and enjoys watching tennis), you’ll often find him flustering over a riddle, or attempting to solve every L.A. Noire case perfectly. That’s not to say he is particularly clever (although he may disagree himself) and its a well established thought in his mind that anyone who is cleverer, is ‘just daft’.

An ardent fan of many ‘fandoms’ expect posts on anything including, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Merlin, Lord of The Rings (and the newly re-discovered Hobbit), Star Wars, Batman and more. Gaming, particularly that of Real-Time Strategy and Role-playing games, are but a newly discovered interest our dear friend holds. From the Wasteland of Fallout 3 to the campaigns of Medieval Europe, expect the odd outcry when France retakes Calais or a dragon of Skyrim kills him for umpteenth time.

Thats not to say his head is always stuck in the clouds however, and he is an insatiable historian. Quite regularly he will grow foul tempered when people assume Napoleon really was quite short (which I’m assured he wasn’t) or when they say it was the French who last conquered England, when in fact it was the Normans (who were kind of French all the same anyway). Anyone interested in British History, particularly Imperial history, has found an interesting sparring partner for sure.

Here you will (hopefully) find a Compendium of reviews and thoughts of the world.
Expect one day for a review of the latest episode of Doctor Who and the next a interesting quote from Voltaire – maybe with an image of particular humerous value chucked in,

So. There we are.
I’m sure he’ll try his best not to bore you.
Although, sadly from experience, its quite likely.

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