My sincerest apologies

Dear readers,

For a start, thanks for reading this. If you’ve checked this blog out a few times over the last year you’ll probably be surprised to see this! I can but apologize for my absence. Last year I started the first year of a University Law degree and this blog got left by the wayside. I hope now to re-start writing regularly (hopefully I’ll be posting things every few days or weekly at least).

If it’s any consolation, at least I wasn’t wasting my time when doing University work instead of updating here: I received a 1st and I was only 3% behind the chap who got the best marks in the year so, considering its Law, I’m rather pleased with it. And from the looks of the stats, the blogs done better with me not posting than it ever did when I was! I’d be lucky if I’d get a view a week last year, now we have daily views which is lovely to see.

I have a ‘A brief history of…’ ready to post later today so I am prepared!

Your humble writer
The Consulting Gallifreyan

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