Should the Doctor’s Name Be Revealed?

Will Moffat really divulge the Doctor’s name and should he?

With the title of the Series 7 finale being entitled ‘The Name of the Doctor’, everyone is either on one of two sides:
1) Fantastic! We’ve been waiting 50 years to find out what his name is!
2) NO! It will ruin the show!

I, for one, am on the second side of this argument. I don’t feel that “The Name of the Doctor” should be revealed.

Since its start in 1963, the Doctor’s identity has been a secret from everyone. Including the viewer. One of the first lines in the show was even a question about his identity. However, he’s kept it a mystery to everyone, and for good reason.

“But how would that ruin the show?” You may well ask.
Because, it will destroy the air of mystery surrounding the show!

Why do most people travel with the Doctor? Because they know almost nothing about him. I mean, the Doctor already tells his companions almost everything about himself right from the start too. “Here’s my TARDIS. I travel in time and space. I’m an alien and I’m 1000 years old.” But his name is what keeps them wondering who the mysterious wanderer really is, and what his past has involved. What drives a person to talking the title of ‘Healer’ with such distinction?

Do I think ‘the Moff’ will divulge the Doctor’s true identity? No, of course not. Knowing him, since it’s the episode title, he’ll do anything BUT give us his real name.

Sadly, I’m not writing the show (I’d be making more money writing episodes than writing these), and it’s not up to me over what is or isn’t revealed. I know Moffat will try to do his best to keep up the mystery; he is a classic fan at heart after all. Although recent times may have shaken my trust in his leadership and storytelling, I trust in Moffat’s undying love for Doctor Who.

Post Script:
I just noticed that Alex Kingston is labeled as one of the main actors in the episode. Now, I’m not a fan of River Song so again this worries me. The romance that has developed between River and 11 is not Doctor Who in my opinion. It’s utter claptrap.


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