News Flash! Batman: Arkham Origins

Beware fans of the Arkham Series, this news flash will contain information as to the up-and-coming game Arkham Origins!

Warner Bros. has announced the next title in the Batman: Arkham franchise, currently in development for the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. It’s currently slated for release on October 25 this year, but there’s no mention of the game appearing on next-gen consoles. I think it’s more than likely that the game will be released on both current and next gen consoles.

The game, which is the subject of Game Informer’s latest cover (see image below), will not be developed by Rocksteady this time around, instead being worked on in-house at Warner Bros. Games Montreal. The new development team will be using many of the assets that Rocksteady has used in the past, including its Unreal engine to try and avoid any discrepancies in the aesthetic of the franchise.

The game will apparently take place long before both of the existing Arkham titles, when a young and inexperienced Batman will encounter many villains for the first time. Deathstroke will be one such foe, making his Arkham game debut.

Personally, I am incredibly excited for this game. Arkham Asylum and City are two of my favourite games and I think they are two of the best superhero games on the market. It does slightly worry me that Rocksteady are not at the helm for this one, but they seem to be confident In WB Montreal, hence why they are allowing the use of the Unreal engine. I’m also glad screenshots have seen Penguin will feature in the game (one of my favourite Batman villans) and I hope Scarecrow and Riddler appear again.

Can’t help but wonder if Joker will be making an appearance considering he isn’t, you know, dead anymore. I’m not sure if he should though. As amazing as the Joker was, I think a lot of it was down to Mark Hamill’s brilliant voice acting, and with him not doing it anymore, I hope they find someone equally brilliant to take his place.



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