Women’s football: Underpaid or the true spirit of the sport?

Keep with me readers – I may know diddlysquat about football, but this is going to be footie related today.

Yesterday, there was a feature on the news about the female Arsenal football team. It mentioned successes in the 2012 Olympics (beating Brazil – who are supposed to be really good at football yeah?) and in their league. It then went on to reference one of the players, and pointed out she only played part time and earned £13,000 from football. The inequality between the Arsenal Men’s and Women’s squads was the main topic of the feature, and while it didn’t do any direct comparisons, the report concluded that women’s football was still massively understated.

The news reporter seemed to be suggesting that in order for true equality between male and female football, the wages of women’s football need to be raised to meet those of their male counterparts.

Just to look at a few figures – as of Nov 2012, the Arsenal Mens first squad apparently has only three players who earn less than a cool £1m. It seems ridiculous to me that people who kick a football around, sometimes very little, can earn such absurd sums.

If you ask me, it’s the women’s team which has the right idea! They are people who play the football because they enjoy it. They do it part time, and earn a reasonable sum for it too. It isn’t the women’s football which needs to raise wages to the dizzying heights of the men’s, but the men’s football which needs to lower its stupidly high wages to the rate of the women’s!


Post script: I really really despise football. I can’t put down in words just how much I hold the damn sport in contempt.


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