A day trip to Lancaster (University)

Today, me and about 25 other history students went on a trip to Lancaster University to use their fantastic library in order to do research from Undergraduate level textbooks for our Historical Enquiry. 

Considering the University was about 1 and a half hours away, it was a bit of a trek but was whittled away playing a History themed game of 20 questions – I was Pope Urban 3rd and Cleopatra of Egypt, others ranged from Madam Curie to Chairmen Mao. 

Just in case you were wondering – my enquiry is based on the British Raj during the period 1847 to 1947. Quite an interesting topic. But then again, stamp ‘British Empire’ on it and chances are I’ll find it at least vaguely interesting. 

Must just say, Lancaster was very accommodating for us – fantastic set of librarians and the library was lovely. Got down a bunch of titles which I’m going to look into further.
And they have a Greggs on site.

Doesn’t it just boggle the mind.


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