February? Already?!

So apparently it’s February again! Doesn’t time fly. Feels like just last week everyone was disappointed it wasn’t snowing over Christmas.

Made a promise to myself this morning that I was going to stop wasting my free time and knuckle down to do some serious work (because I don’t understand 70% of the stuff I take down in class).

Pity I promptly broke that promise this afternoon which I spent an hour of playing Countdown. I lost as well. Badly.
Not even the conundrum (which I’m normally pretty good at getting) could help me. And I got that wrong too.
Funnily ‘Diocese’ came up three times (although I thought I saw it a fourth time and got it wrong – I used two ‘e’s when I only had one).

Maybe its a sign I should start doing more work…..

Also left myself a rather uncomfortable amount of homework…..

Anyway. Pinch and a punch, first of the month!


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