General Studies 15/01/13 – The Result

Well. It wasn’t too bad. Still 2 hours of my life I’m not going to get back, but all right.

Just in case anyone was wondering, the two questions everyone had to answer were about Cuts to Public funding for the Arts (so keeping open free museums and galleries ect ect). one source was clearly from a Tory newspaper, and the other was blatantly such a fan of Labour I was surprised it wasn’t their manifesto. Anyway, I concluded that it was only the Governments prerogative to subsidies the arts in a time of surplus – in a recession, then they are hardly a priority. 

From the second set of questions, I answered one about the various effective ways of portraying anthropomorphic things in literature, theatre and film. Basically I talked about how Winnie the Pooh showed children the future – Fear (Piglet), Greed (Winnie), depression (Eeyore)  Frustration (Rabbit) and drug abuse (Tigger). Mentioned Alice in Wonderland and how it was a ploy to increase the sales in white rabbits.Then I ended talking about how unimaginative children were now-a-days because they would rather watch a televised version of a teenage singer’s life  rather than a talking purple dinosaur called Barney who goes on adventures.

For the final question, I chose one which wanted to know ‘If it was desirable or possible for ‘The West’ to outlaw private gun ownership. This meant I could talk about how Piers Morgan is going to get deported (Even though we don’t want him back) and how gun nuts are just really loud – there aren’t really that many of them. I even got a quote from Richard Nixon on the ‘Silent Majority’ which I was quite pleased about.

Overall, an interesting way to spend an afternoon. Can’t help but feel I would get more marks if they turned this into a discussion though. Debate is much better vocally than in written form.


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