Empire Total War

For those that don’t know, Empire Total War is a turn based strategy game which puts you in command of one of the leading Empire’s of the 1700’s (Britain, France, Prussia, Austria, Spain, The Maratha Confederacy ect ect). You then get to expand through Trade, Technology and often War in order to ‘win’ the campaign.

Now, in my latest play-through of the game (I’ve spent over 252 hours playing it – thats about 10 and a half days) I was just minding my own business, expanding the size of British India and building up the newly won colonies of North America when Prussia decides they are going to declare war on me. This shocked myself and a number of members of the British Government as Prussia had been a long time ally of ours and we hadn’t actually come into contact with them since the beginning of the game. So, as a courtesy, I decided to pay them off with a peice of relatively insignificant technology and hope we’d go back to being friends. This did not work. After declaring war on me a further three times, sending their rather pitiful navy to be destroyed by my own, I decided that I was no longer going to pay them off and promptly took over three of their stronger cities and two small ones. Austria tried to get involved but after one crushing defeat decided to leave me to it.

This is what my foreign relations currently looks like (although I have taken all but one of Prussia’s cities and I have also taken Austria’s main city). Something is telling me Britain is not very popular.


Sometime in the future I’ll do an actual review of the game. Its fantastic. Also expect news on my current play-through for Europe Universallis 3 – its a steep learning curve that’s for sure!

A Level Law – Unit 3 – 18/01/13

Well. That wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good either. But not bad.
I want to apologise in advance for this, but its going to be a VERY long post!

For those who didn’t sit the exam, don’t do law and have never seen a AQA Law paper before, we get given two scenarios – generally they end up with someone being murdered.

From my hazy memory of the paper (Had to have a shortbread binge afterwards and it’s affected my memory), It started with Jim, Kyle and a few friends getting drunk and taking drugs. They then went and started running around a city centre while trying to trip each other up and bashing into other shoppers. Jim then tripped Kyle up who fell and badly bruised his arm. After continuing to run around, a shopper called Liam objected at Jim’s behaviour and Jim promptly grabbed him and threw him violently into a nearby shop window which smashed under him causing deep wounds. Jim then ran away and crashed into a pram which flew down a hill faster than the mother, Mary, could catch it – fortunately it was caught by a shopper, but Mary became severely depressed afterwards for months.

So that was the end of the stuff to deal with in question one. All that to be dealt with in 25 minutes. Just in case you were wondering, I said he was guilty for:
Kyle – s47 ABH because of being badly bruised
Liam – s20/18 decided on s.20 because it was more recklessness
Mary – s20 because of the severe depression but couldnt remember the case where it was defined as GBH!
I also Covered the defence of Intoxication which wouldnt work for any of the offences but S.18 and even then it would be moved down to the corresponding basic intent crime of S.20. Overall, dont think this section when too bad – hopefully a ‘clear’.

The second section for the paper was based on murder. It involved Helen, who has a personality disorder resulting in bouts of anger, who was being abused by her husband Ian. He had been refusing to allow her money for general bills and Helen thought he had been having an affair (although he denied it, instead scornfully replying that he had only lent a woman a lot of money).  One night, Ian said he would beat Helen in the morning if she didn’t leave to go live with her mother. In the night, Helen took a firework she had bought a few days earlier and set it off before throwing it in Ian’s bedroom where a fire soon sprang up and Ian was killed.

This question was tougher for me than the last one! I said Helen would get Voluntary Manslaughter considering the similarities with the case of Allhuwallia. This went pretty poorly because I blanked on Voluntary Manslaughter – I blurred together the meanings of Diminished Responsibility and Loss of Control although got the points about the belief in sexual infidelity and also the ‘slow burn’ and battered wife syndrome which covered the buying the fireworks days earlier.

As for Defences – the final third of the essay – it was my worst criticism/reform essay. I did Insanity and Self Defence. The Insanity one didn’t go too badly, but don’t think I got more than a ‘some’ for Self Defence. I talked about how the problems with insanity are: its too narrow and too broad at the same time, it lables people such as diabetics and sleepwalkers as insane, the medical and legal defintions are too different and finally I talked about how old the M’Gaughten Rules are. Reforms are : The Butler Report, and the Law Comission has a scoping paper out. I also talked about wanting to rename Insanity to something else – but I forgot what the new name was going to be! As for self defence – well I just talked about how its never going to be reasonable in the eyes of your peers to see killing as the only option. I mentioned something else but my minds gone a blank.

Overall? Not an awful paper by any means. With any luck, middling to high C. My dreams of an A are well and truly dashed.

Goodness. Yes. Quite a long post. Sorry about that. If you’re not at all interested in the law then i’m doubly sorry – although I doubt you got this far if you aren’t!

General Studies 15/01/13 – The Result

Well. It wasn’t too bad. Still 2 hours of my life I’m not going to get back, but all right.

Just in case anyone was wondering, the two questions everyone had to answer were about Cuts to Public funding for the Arts (so keeping open free museums and galleries ect ect). one source was clearly from a Tory newspaper, and the other was blatantly such a fan of Labour I was surprised it wasn’t their manifesto. Anyway, I concluded that it was only the Governments prerogative to subsidies the arts in a time of surplus – in a recession, then they are hardly a priority. 

From the second set of questions, I answered one about the various effective ways of portraying anthropomorphic things in literature, theatre and film. Basically I talked about how Winnie the Pooh showed children the future – Fear (Piglet), Greed (Winnie), depression (Eeyore)  Frustration (Rabbit) and drug abuse (Tigger). Mentioned Alice in Wonderland and how it was a ploy to increase the sales in white rabbits.Then I ended talking about how unimaginative children were now-a-days because they would rather watch a televised version of a teenage singer’s life  rather than a talking purple dinosaur called Barney who goes on adventures.

For the final question, I chose one which wanted to know ‘If it was desirable or possible for ‘The West’ to outlaw private gun ownership. This meant I could talk about how Piers Morgan is going to get deported (Even though we don’t want him back) and how gun nuts are just really loud – there aren’t really that many of them. I even got a quote from Richard Nixon on the ‘Silent Majority’ which I was quite pleased about.

Overall, an interesting way to spend an afternoon. Can’t help but feel I would get more marks if they turned this into a discussion though. Debate is much better vocally than in written form.

Waste of Time

I have my first A2 exam tomorrow. Well, not really. The ‘exam’ is General Studies, which some A Level Students are unfortunately forced into despite how its effectively pointless for those hoping to go into a grades University.

For those fortunate enough to escape General studies (or are not part of the British Education system), General Studies is basically an exam where you give different opinions on a topic before concluding with your opinion.

For example, one question has been “Describe what makes a ‘Classic’ Novel”
That’s worth 25 marks.

I have Law exams to be revising for AQA!

My Jung Test Results

Jung Test Results

Introverted (I) 75% Extroverted (E) 25%
Sensing (S) 68.97% Intuitive (N) 31.03%
Thinking (T) 70.97% Feeling (F) 29.03%
Judging (J) 73.33% Perceiving (P) 26.67%

Your type is: ISTJ

ISTJ – “Trustee”. Decisiveness in practical affairs. Guardian of time- honored institutions. Dependable. 11.6% of total population.

Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||||||| 73%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||| 43%
Type 3 Image Awareness |||||||||||| 50%
Type 4 Individuality |||||||||| 36%
Type 5 Rationality |||||||||||||||| 66%
Type 6 Cautiousness |||||||||||||||||| 80%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||| 40%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||| 30%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||| 40%

type score type behavior motivation
6 24 I must be secure and safe to survive.
1 22 I must be perfect and good to survive.
5 20 I must be knowledgeable to survive.
3 15 I must be impressive and attractive to survive.
2 13 I must be helpful and caring to survive.

Your main type is Type 6 
Your variant stacking is sospsx

Must say it was quite a thorough test. Can’t say I disagree particularly with the results either! 
If anyone fancies taking the test, http://similarminds.com/cgi-bin/newembj.pl


Caught a bug the other day. Not very pleasant at all.
So I was sat, phasing in and out of consciousness during a lesson today, when it came to me. Why not just become Batman? New Life Goal set.

So yeah. Here’s Mario attacking a Dalek. Silly little plumber.


HelloQuizzy’s ‘Which Dwarf from The Hobbit are you?’

28% Extroversion, 22% Intuition, 25% Attachment and 81% Organisation!

Congratulations, you are most like DORI, elder brother to Nori and Ori, and member of the Company of Thorin Oakenshield. Dori spends most of his time looking out for the rest of the Company and keeping everything organised, in particular making sure ill-fortune hasn’t befallen Ori. You are a neat and orderly person; you like maintaining a sense of structure in all aspects of your life to make sure everything goes according to plan. You are reliable and dutiful, and will always honour your word when you pledge yourself to a task. No excessive flourish or fanfare is wasted in your work; you are very efficient in time and cost with your impeccably practical point of view.

Dori is somewhat out of his depth with the tumultuous Quest, preferring a work environment where things are done “by the book”. You like to know what the rules of the game are in advance, and rely on familiarity and past experiences to guide you rather than imagination and intuition. You have faultless logic and enjoy methodically reasoning through problems, and will persist until your task is done.

Your dedication to your work constitutes a large portion of your life. Even though you are relatively quiet and serious, you are rarely isolated and know exactly where you stand amongst your peers. Your friends appreciate your calm and stable nature, and know they can always count on you to be there for them, and lend them some of your strength.Image